Game Development

We love making games. Knowing how to use game engines such as Unity or Cocos2D-X, combining with our knowledge in level design and artificial intelligence gives us a wide range of skills to make great games. We are also avid gamers: Starcraft 2 (bronze league player) and Final Fantasy X (blitzball neighbourhood champion)!

Application Development

With more than 10 years of experience, we used a large scale of languages and technologies for creating amazing business applications. This is a non-exhaustive list: HTML/CSS (bootstrap), Javascript (jQuery, nodeJS,, C++ (Qt), Pascal (Delphi), Lua, Python and even AngelScript.

3D Graphics

Thanks to our scientific background, we are not afraid to use vectors and matrices! We have experience in VR and CAD. The well-known libraries OpenGL, WebGL and SDL are more than familiar to us.

Software Process

Great programming skills are not enough to make great software. We believe that requirements analysis, software design, testing, deploying and maintenance are essential.


  • Dyox Legend
  • Street Explorers
  • Le Studio Humain
  • World2

About Us

Emmanuel Ah-kouen

Thanks to his education background and his experiences abroad, Emmanuel forged himself an open mind and believes to have a strong sense of adaption. He is also active in the startup community, was awarded three times during Tokyo Startup Weekend events and got a 3rd place in the world wide startup competition: Global Startup Battle. Beyond being a software engineer, technology enthusiast, he’s also an avid guitar and poker player.

Paul Barré

According to Paul, if we are passionate anything can be done. In addition to his educational background, he is determined enough to learn on his own, such as Japanese or new technologies. Once he got the opportunity to be involved as a Quality Manager in an ISO 9001 project. Since then he has an eager taste for project leadership and quality assurance. His goal: beat them all!

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